GOLDEN STATE Violin-series

Classic Design meets Zeitgeist!

The GOLDEN STATE Violin-series impresses with the best German design in the "Zeitgeist" of the 21st century. She ist crafted in the best orchestra quality with balanced traditional and modern design elements.

The GOLDEN STATE convinced by the original Götz design in colors black and gold. The violins impresses with a Guarnaeri ebony chinrest with gold screws and pegs in heart shape. The violin is also equipped with an original Aubert bridge and Thomastik Dominant Strings with soft and clear sound. The equipmnet is completed with the gold Götz precision fine tuner for E-Strings.

All Violins of the GOLDEN STATE Violin-series have a completely hand made light yellow glossy finish with extra thin 18-20 layers. The borders are crafted in an Antique-style.