METROPOL Violin-series

Urban-Modern Classic!

The Violin-series METROPOL stands for a classic cultural tradition in the modern-urban world. THE METROPOL Series is the diligently crafted combination of both. The Violins are perfectly balanced in tone. This Violin-series impresses with traditional and elegant design and configuration.

The ebony fitting with Parisian Eye on tailpiece and pegs gets supplemented by Götz Stradivari chinrest with gold-plated screws, a high-grade Götz bridge and a black E-String master-fine tuner. All Violins are equipped with Thomastik Dominant Strings.

The Violins of METROPOL Violin-series have a traditional 15-layer hand-varnished finish. The varnish impresses with an Antique-style darkbrown color with modern strong reddish highlighted shades. wood characteristics on the top are visibly conserved. The bottom flames are diligently accentuated by the varnish.