Violins that stay

For over 130 years we have been making violins that will be played for a lifetime and sometimes will be passed on. In today's fast-paced world, this makes us very proud!

Our products are known worldwide for their high quality, durability and outstanding price-performance ratio. We live the premium claim of our products also in our service. If you have any problems after decades of owning one of our instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

Nothing is perfect, and never can be. We use the exchange with each other as an opportunity to learn and become better. Better with our products, better with our service and better, in the way we run our business. And we've been doing it year after year, for 130 years.

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We focus

We concentrate on a small selection of products and give each of them the attention it needs to leave our manufactory as a high-quality premium product. Whether you are an experienced musician or just starting out, our team will be happy to help you find the perfect new violin to realize your musical vision.

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Joy of the game

A good violin can be played for decades and then, when you decide to buy a new one, you can gladly pass it on. Ideally, it will be played by many generations and bring each of them much joy. Violins from Conrad Götz are particularly well suited for this purpose, as we are aware of the responsibility that transcends generations. Because every instrument from our house should always bring joy.

Together and with each other

Our longest partnerships are more than one hundred years old. Like our partners, we focus on high quality and eye level in working with and for each other and in doing things together. We particularly enjoy partnerships across all continents. Thus, violin lovers all over the world can enjoy playing instruments made by Conrad Götz.

Here's to many more years ...

Every year we set up a program to get better. Not everything is perfect and never will be. But we get better every year, and have been doing so for over 130 years. In products, in service, and in the way we run our business.

Our claim and ability

We offer our customers and partners first-class quality, first-class products and first-class services.

C.A. Götz violins

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Bam Cases

Violins should be transported well protected. Trust in "Bam l'original".

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Thomastik Infeld

For many years we trust in strings from Thomastik Infeld.

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Tradition & Origin

We at Conrad Götz have made it our mission to preserve the legacy of the finest violin makers in Markneukirchen and bring their unsurpassed craftsmanship into the modern age. With over 130 years of experience in building exceptional violins, we are committed to continuing the tradition of excellence and bringing the joy of music to all who seek it.


In our more than 130 years of existence, we have already passed many milestones and overcome many hurdles. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

  • 1884 Foundation by Conrad August Götz jr./ C.A. Götz jr.
  • 1892 Expansion of the business building and international expansion
  • 1915 Development of the Götz peg compund from natural raw materials (today the oldest accessory product in our portfolio)
  • 1920 Our products are now appreciated throughout Europe, Northern Europe and Japan
  • 1920s Johannes Götz takes over the business (2nd. Generation), development of new varnish techniques for stringed instruments, allowing longer durability in warm world regions, by Johannes Götz
  • 1942 forced abandonment of production by Nazi Germany because not essential for war
  • 1945-1951 resumption of business in the newly emerging GDR
  • 1951 expropriation and nationalization of the company by the GDR


  • 1952 Emigration of the family with many other musical instrument manufacturers to Bavaria (West Germany)
  • 1950-1960 Reconstruction of the company in Erlangen, Bavaria
  • 1970s Klaus and Karlheinz Götz take over the business (3. Generation)
  • 1960-1990 International expansion
  • 1983 the first computer is purchased
  • 1990-2000 After the reunification: relocation of the company back to the origin / headquarters in Markneukirchen and renovation of the original buildings, complete return relocation completed in 2000
  • 2000-2014 new markets are opened piece by piece, especially in Asia (Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, China)
  • 2014 takeover of the company by Dr. Simon Goetz (4th generation)

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