Our Program

From the perfect student instrument to orchestra quality!

With the 130-year anniversary and the handover of the company in the fourth generation, we modified radically our offering of violins. The requirements of the 21. century music community are versatile and differentiated on a global scale. Musicians in different regions of the world and in different stages of their skill development require distinct characteristics of their musical instrument.

Building of our 130 year old heritage of instrument knowledge we designed a program that is capbale of meeting these requiremenst. From wood selection, to body craftsmanship, varnish, strings, chinrest, pegs, bridge, tailpiece, and fine-tuner everything is modeled around a purpose.

Our program consists of 7 violin series:

  • CANTONATE: Versatile Pefection
  • GOLDEN STATE: Classic Deign meets Zeitgeist
  • METROPOL: Urban-Modern Classic Desgin
  • CONTEMPORARY: Post-Modern Design in Music
  • AGAPE: Profiled Tone and Robust Craftsmanship
  • AUDITION: Focus on the Music-Performance
  • MENUETT: First Steps to Perfection

Every Violin Series is being delivered in different quality grades. You can practically choose your design and requirement and then decide on the amount of time spend on wood and the making of the violin body. A higher quality is always defined by the type of wood used for the violin body. Better selection, the search of flawless growth structure and tonal perfection is one of the most difficult tasks. The time spend to make the violin body is the second important determinant of the quality. The top and bottom graduation, the ribs, the neck, the scroll and the overall topography of the violin body range from perfect by technical standards to perfect in personal dedicated craftsmanship.

So please browse our website and find the single one violin that fit's our requirements.
If we do have retailers and specialists that carry y specific product we directly link you to them in the product.

Togehter with our partners we hope you can get your Conrad Götz violin the easiest way possible!

With kind regards from Wernitzgrün,

Klaus & Simon Goetz