CANTONATE Violin #140 CA



Quality: 140

  • Violin pegs in a fully elaborated heart shape
  • Fine wood flames on the back and sides
  • Boxwood fitting
  • Thomastik Dominant Strings
  • Certificate of Origin

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🎼 Quality: 140

  • Most premium quality
  • Reddish-yellow handwarnish
  • Fitting in boxwood
  • Thomastik Dominant Strings

🎼 Configuration:

  • The Violin is equipped with original premium Götz in boxwood
  • Heart-shaped pegs perfect in every detail
  • Chinrest: Original Götz Guarneri Chinrest in boxwood with titanium screws
  • Bridge: Genuine Götz bridge, german model in best quality
  • Tailpieces: Boxwood Hill model with Master-E-String fine tuner with gold screw
  • String: All Violins are sent with original Thomastik Dominant Strings

🎼 Varnish:

  • Bright Primer with reddish-yellow main layer
  • 100% in traditional manual processing hand painted
  • High gloss finish with highly transparent appearance with optical depth effect

🎼 Quality Grade:

  • Selection of pristine tone-wood with aligned medium distance flames on the back
  • App. 5-15° flame angle
  • Flames of sides, neck, scroll are perfectly aligned with the overall appearance
  • Magnificent top with grand character and perfect gradient of annual rings
  • Skillfull graduation, surface topography and purflings
  • Maximum specification adherence of f-holes, ribs, neck, scroll incl. ebony crown
  • Addional final crafting by second luthier

Each Violin is unique. The flames may differ marginally from each other.

All our instruments have a certificate of origin, individually for each instrument.

This instrument marks the most premium quality C.A. Goetz jr. has been able to offer in its 130 year history.


  • Recommended Case for CANTONATE ist the BAM 2011XL model
  • BAM 3-layer hightech shell for minimum weight and maximum protection
  • This case can be purchased either with the violin

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